Once Upon a Christmas Eve in Salem Book Cover

Once Upon a Christmas Eve in Salem

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In Salem for Christmas

Join in the caroling, snow ball fights, good food and make sure to look to the sky for a glimpse of Santa Drac! Come to deliver gifts to all of the children of this majestic witch's city. Merry Dracmas!

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About the Author

Kristian James

Kristian James is an avid Disney and professional wrestling fan. He is married to his beautiful wife, Jessica, has two dogs named Wrigley and Oattie, and a cat called Doyer.

When Kristian isn’t writing, he enjoys watching the Chicago Cubs along with the Arizona Cardinals, taking his wife to the movies, sushi dates and getting pizza.

Kristian James and wife, Jessica
Kristian James with Jessica

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Fun, adventure, and togetherness. Whether traveling to the Salem or discussing your Main Street, everyone is welcome.